Touchez des millions de foyers et promouvez votre marque au travers d’événements nautiques et mécaniques hautement médiatisés dans les régions les plus dynamiques du monde .

Reach Millions of households and promote your brand through multiple high media coverage Motorsports and Nautical Events in the most dynamic regions around the globe.

Champs Elysées offers potential brand visibility on every continent from attending spectators, but also through the media coverage of the events in both nautical and motor sports.

TV Broadcast


            +170 COUNTRIES                                     + 1,000 M HOUSEHOLDS

The related images highlights your company’s logos on venue areas, boats/vehicules, and events visuals.
Your logo reaches hundreds of millions of households worldwide through cumulative media coverage.


Internet & Social Networks:

Visibility on internet and Social Networks being now crucial, images are spread among  many Internet focused media, and the main Social Networks.
-Dedicated videos are produced and broadcast on your behalf.



Local visibility


Events also attract 1.000s to 100.000s  attending spectators on site, to see your  company’s logos on venue areas, boats/cars, and events visuals.

A unique way of expanding or reinforcing your brand visibility in the most dynamic world areas.


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