-If you are looking for a way to develop or reinforce your presence and brand visibility in France, Europe, Asia, in the Persian Gulf, and other most dynamic regions in the world,

-If you are looking for a new global communication tool to promote your company, potentially reaching millions of households,

-If you’re looking for convivial and spectacular events to reach a targeted audience of potential clients,

-If you’re looking for convivial and spectacular events to reinforce relationships  with your clients or your suppliers,

Promote your company brand or products in a different way by associating it with original, exiting, fascinating and spectacular Sports events.

Several World Championships that benefit from major national and international media coverage.

Access  a network of several powerboat and car racing teams covering the most prestigious motorsport championships (Powerboat F 1, X cat, Le Mans series…)

Use sports events to expand your presence in the most dynamic region of the globe. Access to a network of business settlement and consulting offices in more than 80 countries.